Digital Media Guidelines

Homelab’s social media pages’ purpose is to allow families and individuals access to medical service and health information.

We are setting this social media guide to ensure we all can have an open and meaningful online conversation.

HomeLab platform encourages its audience to adhere to the following values:

  1. Authenticity and Integrity

    We encourage and welcome your shares and feedback. For patient concerns, it is best that we receive full details – please email Please be your true self; do not impersonate, do not create accounts for the purpose of misleading others. Please do not use our platform to recruit people and solicit business and sales.

  2. Privacy, Respect and Safety

    You cannot post other people’s private information ( such as phone, addresses, health concerns). For your medical needs, please send us a private message. Always follow the law in your public posts and comments.

    Our HomeLab team of doctors, nurses, health professionals, logistics, leadership and support groups definitely want to hear from you so we can address your needs. Let us make this online platform your safe space for health access and information.

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