Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting website of Homelab. Your privacy is important to us. We provided a Privacy Policy to help you understand the Corporation’s online data practices as well as options on how the information you have provided shall be collected and used by us. Persons who are using this website’s services shall be referred to as “Users”.

By using HomeLab's platform and submitting personal information through this website, the user gives consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of his/her personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Information We Collect

    HomeLab only collects various information you directly provide to us. Said information are as follows: First & Last Name, email address & pertinent information contained in a user's message.

  2. Our Use of Information

    HomeLab may use the information to:

    1. Provide and communicate with you about our services, such as but not limited to, requests for newsletters and pertinent notifications;
    2. Respond to user’s queries;
    3. Communicate with you about events, programs and other services of Homelab as well as that of any other subsidiaries of The Aclan Group of Companies, that we believe may be of interest to you;
    4. Enforce legal provisions governing your use of our platform and/or for the purpose for which you provided the information;
    5. Provide technical support;
    6. Prevent fraud or potential illegal activities on or through this website, such as but not limited to enforcement of the Corporation’s possible future legal claims;
    7. Protect the safety of our users;
    8. Perform analysis report regarding the use of our platform or any part thereof.
  3. Our Processing of Information

    We capture, record, organize, store, update, modify, retrieve, consult, use and/or collate your personal information from the “Contact Us” tab and in lead forms which may be utilized as applicable during company and Aclan Group of Companies enterprise wide related events pursuant to the purpose stated above.

  4. Our Information Disclousure

    We may share the information with the purpose mentioned earlier and as follows:

    1. To service providers that we have engaged to perform business related functions;
    2. In response to legal processes (court order, subpoena, or a government agency’s request);
    3. With third parties in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding potentially illegal activities;
    4. To transfer some or all your information if we or one of our business units undergoes a business transition (merger, acquisition, sale, of all or part of Homelab’s assets); and
    5. When the processing of personal information is outsourced by us to a third party, the processing will be subject to a written agreement between us and the third party processor in accordance to the requirements of the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  5. Our Data Security

    Physical, electronic and administrative procedures are designed to prevent unauthorized access and maintenance of data security particularly the use of information we collect online.

  6. Our Response to Your Queries and Concerns

    If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

  7. User's Rights as the Data Subject

    The Philippine's Data Privacy Act lists the following rights:

    SEC. 16. Rights of the Data Subject. – The data subject is entitled to:
    1. Be informed whether personal information pertaining to him or her shall be, are being or have been processed;
    2. Be furnished the information indicated hereunder before the entry of his or her personal information into the processing system of the personal information controller, or at the next practical opportunity:
      1. Description of the personal information to be entered into the system;
      2. Purposes for which they are being or are to be processed;
      3. Scope and method of the personal information processing;
      4. The recipients or classes of recipients to whom they are or may be disclosed;
      5. Methods utilized for automated access, if the same is allowed by the data subject, and the extent to which such access is authorized;
      6. The identity and contact details of the personal information controller or its representative;
      7. The period for which the information will be stored; and
      8. The existence of their rights, i.e., to access, correction, as well as the right to lodge a complaint before the Commission.
      Any information supplied or declaration made to the data subject on these matters shall not be amended without prior notification of data subject: Provided, That the notification under subsection (b) shall not apply should the personal information be needed pursuant to a subpoena or when the collection and processing are for obvious purposes, including when it is necessary for the performance of or in relation to a contract or service or when necessary or desirable in the context of an employer-employee relationship, between the collector and the data subject, or when the information is being collected and processed as a result of legal obligation;
    3. Reasonable access to, upon demand, the following:
      1. Contents of his or her personal information that were processed;
      2. Sources from which personal information were obtained;
      3. Names and addresses of recipients of the personal information;
      4. Manner by which such data were processed;
      5. Reasons for the disclosure of the personal information to recipients;
      6. Information on automated processes where the data will or likely to be made as the sole basis for any decision significantly affecting or will affect the data subject;
      7. Date when his or her personal information concerning the data subject were last accessed and modified; and
      8. The designation, or name or identity and address of the personal information controller;
    4. Dispute the inaccuracy or error in the personal information and have the personal information controller correct it immediately and accordingly, unless the request is vexatious or otherwise unreasonable. If the personal information have been corrected, the personal information controller shall ensure the accessibility of both the new and the retracted information and the simultaneous receipt of the new and the retracted information by recipients thereof: Provided, That the third parties who have previously received such processed personal information shall he informed of its inaccuracy and its rectification upon reasonable request of the data subject;
    5. Suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of his or her personal information from the personal information controller’s filing system upon discovery and substantial proof that the personal information are incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, used for unauthorized purposes or are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. In this case, the personal information controller may notify third parties who have previously received such processed personal information; and
    6. Be indemnified for any damages sustained due to such inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal information.
  8. On Effectivity and Updates

    We may update this Privacy Policy at anytime. We will notify you about the material changes by prominently posting a notice on this platform or by sending a message to the email address you most recently provided. Please periodically review our Privacy Policy.

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